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The Business Glossary synthesizes all of the details about your information assets in an easy to understand manner:

  • Provide transparency into definitions, synonyms, and important business attributes
  • Identify the owners and subject matter experts and enable collaboration with them
  • Expose data lineage so the business can understand the data flow and dependencies
  • Identify the critical business process relationships
  • Provides transparency into the critical data quality dimensions
  • Communicate data access methods and usage restricitions to data consumers

Data Quality

Data consumers have the right to know the quality level of the data they rely on.  Frequently, people assess data quality as being "good or bad" however it isn't quite that simple.   There are many dimensions of data quality to consider and "good or bad" depends entirely on the expectation of the consuming business process.  Data3Sixty provides a unique capability to not only measure the outcome of data quality rules but also articulate the impact of the data quality by the expectations of the business.  The resulting quality impact may then be monitored within the context of the business process, stakeholders may subscribe to alerts for out of tolerance conditions, and the quality dimensions may be explored within beautiful and powerful business intelligence dashboards.

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In Data3Sixty, ownership is about managing the responsibilities related to a data asset, enabling those owners to efficiently perform their responsibilities, providing data consumers with transparency into the ownership dimension, and ensuring fluid communications between the data owners and the data consumers.


By combining ownership assignments with Data3Sixty's powerful work flow capabilities and social network oriented approach to providing transparency, our clients achieve radical efficiencies in their ability to understand and operationalize the  activities surrounding their governed data assets.


Data3Sixty Connects People With Data. Leverage our extensive collaboration capabilities to gain expertise and stay connected to your data. Subscribe to items of interest and be kept in the loop with all updates and discussions. Follow a person, a business term or an event and be pro-actively notified when data conditions change. Share your experiences, learn from others, and empower your organization to think faster.

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

Data3Sixty provides a best-in-class business intelligence capability which provides your users with a beautiful and fully interactive experience to gain key insights to the data governance information.  Data3Sixty provides a number of out-of-the-box dashboard which may also be created or customized using the run-time-free designer.


Data3Sixty's Fusion provides a powerful data dictionary capability which is a major differentiator as compared with other business oriented data governance solutions.  Fusion not only provides the ability to discover metadata from numerous databases, services, data models, and vendor dictionaries but is also able to provide automated insights into this information that are synthesized for a business oriented view.  Fusion is key to activating data governance. with content automation.  

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